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Tiny 'Bot Takes to Vents like John McClane

If Hans Grüber had this robot, the original Die Hard would've been over in less than an hour. While that would've given such an anticlimactic ending to an '80s action great, at least that crappy fourth sequel wouldn't exist. Thank you, Japan; because you built this robot two decades late, we had to endure a movie where a really old dude tries to stop some other dude from überhax0ring the Internet.

Ok, so the Moogle isn't exactly designed to scuttle through vents, since the Nakatomi's man-sized crawlspaces only exist in cinema. Instead, it's meant to inspect a more common feature of Japanese architecture, the underfloor. The Moogle will scan the dark recesses below the floorboards with its wide-angle CCD cameras and laser sensors, and relay its findings via wireless LAN to a computer.

The inspect-o-droid was jointly created by the Chiba Institute of Technology and ROBO Garage and will be sold through Daiwa House Industry. Apparently regular underfloor inspections of homes and buildings are a mandatory thing over there, and the Moogle is a way to make the whole process a lot safer. After all, this is Japan; who knows what kind of sex-depraved eldritch monster lurks in such darkened corners.

[source: Robonable and Iza via PlasticPals]