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Robbers Using Electronics as Bait on Craigslist

It's just common sense, but you should always be careful when meeting someone in a parking lot at night – even if it's a church – when you have wads of cash in your pocket.

It seems that some people haven't been quite so cautious, and were the victims of a Craigslist-related robbery. Stafford County, VA police are warning residents about three men who have been posting ads on Craigslist selling a PlayStation 3 and an iPhone.

According to reports, a husband and wife went to meet up the supposed seller of the PlayStation 3 when three men assaulted the couple. The suspects fled the scene and the couple then reported the incident to the authorities.

Just fifteen minutes later, a man with his girlfriend went to the same location in the same parking lot thinking that they would be buying an iPhone. The man, expecting an iPhone, instead got punched in the face by one of the three men fitting the same description from the incident earlier.

It goes without saying that the market for electronics sales on Craigslist is pretty big, but be careful about where you and your money go – especially if the deal looks too good to be true… unless it's some guy trying to trade up his Porsche Boxster S.

(via Kotaku.)