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Here's Why Apple's AirPower Is Taking Forever to Launch

Apple's AirPower has been AWOL for over a year now. But a new report attempts to shed some light on what might be happening.

Sonny Dickson on Sunday (Sept. 16) published a report that cited anonymous sources who claim to have knowledge of what's happening with Apple's AirPower. Perhaps most importantly, those sources also claim to have knowledge of what might come of AirPower as Apple works to address its many problems.

According to the report, there are three main problems with AirPower. Firstly, Apple is having trouble with the accessory's heat management, according to the report. Sonny Dickson's sources said that the AirPower is producing "far too much heat," which limits a device's ability to charge and hurts Apple's charging chip inside the accessory.

Next, the Apple sources said, Apple is experiencing problems with the AirPower's "buggy inter-device communication, as well as charging activation and issues with charging speed, and overall accuracy of charge levels." This one appears to be a big one. The AirPower is designed to be used to charge the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. If the hardware and software that powers that isn't working, it's a big problem.

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Finally, Sonny Dickson's sources said that there are "mechanical and interference issues" with the AirPower. They said that Apple's desire to charge multiple devices at once with coils inside is "proving extremely difficult." And due to interference in the charging signals, the devices aren't getting appropriately charged and it's contributing to the overheating woes.

Looking ahead, things don't look promising for AirPower, according to the report. While it's unclear exactly what Apple might do, Sonny Dickson sources said that they believe the company could ultimately use the AirPower name for an entirely different product. That product, which would likely come with its own set of unique features, likely wouldn't be announce until Spring at the earliest, according to the report.

AirPower was first unveiled at Apple's iPhone press event in 2017. At its iPhone event last week, Apple made no mention of the technology.