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Amazon's Prematurely Announces Cheaper Echo Dot

A cheaper version of Amazon's Echo Dot could be coming soon, according to a prematurely-posted Tweet from Amazon last night.

The new Echo Dot, which would presumably let users access media and control smart home devices from a distance with their voice like the original, would be available for $49.99, vs. $89.99, reports Recode.

The Echo Dot product page on Amazon links to the larger Amazon Echo, which costs $179.99 but has a bigger, 360-degree omni-directional speaker. The original Echo Dot has been sold out since July, so you'd imagine a cheaper dot being even more of a hit, and something that Amazon would want to take care to ramp up for.

It's not clear whether the premature-then-deleted post was an intentional tactic to drum up excitement for a new product, or whether it truly was a mistake, and an Amazon spokesperson wasn't immediately available for comment.