YouTube Launches iOS App Just In Time for iPhone 5

Since the first iOS device hit the market, Apple has included a YouTube client to ensure iPhone users have a dedicated method for viewing cat videos.

Last month, Apple decided to pull the app from its upcoming iOS 6 along with Google's Maps application as a result of an expiring license agreement between the two companies.

Luckily for Apple's millions of dancing cat-loving fans, Google confirmed it would be making a standalone app available for iOS 6. And they didn't disappoint, releasing the new and improved YouTube for iOS just before Apple's big iPhone 5 reveal.

While iPhone 5 users will now have to manually download the app, the search giant promised a slew of improvements over the previously Apple-developed application.

The new app is now available on the iTunes with new features including access to more videos, an improved user interface, suggested search results as well as a new YouTube channel guide.


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  • house70
    I wish TG wrote an article every time my every other app was updated, as well....
    It's just an app update; must be a slow news day..
  • Anonymous
    I think Apple made a smart decision to go with a larger screen. I know I switched to a larger screened android device for the main reason that you can get more done. You can use your phone more for emails because you can see more of what you type, the keyboard is bigger, so its easier to type, you can actually see website text with the larger screen. I find myself not using my ipad or notebook, and use my phone more.
    I know Steve jobs probably settle on the 3.5" screen original due to wanting it to not be difficult to handle, but as you get used to the larger phones, you realize it is more useful. Although it is more difficult to use, you just need to put a Flygrip case on your phone, and it will make using your phone with one hand a pleasure. Apple should put them on as OEM. I think the small tablets are useless, go with a bigger iphone and a desktop. Thats all you need
  • eternalkp
    apple version of youtube was crap
    i love google version. CC close caption, subtitles are now available.
    Foreign film, here i come.
    Google needs to enable HD for its app...please