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YouTube Launches iOS App Just In Time for iPhone 5

Since the first iOS device hit the market, Apple has included a YouTube client to ensure iPhone users have a dedicated method for viewing cat videos.

Last month, Apple decided to pull the app from its upcoming iOS 6 along with Google's Maps application as a result of an expiring license agreement between the two companies.

Luckily for Apple's millions of dancing cat-loving fans, Google confirmed it would be making a standalone app available for iOS 6. And they didn't disappoint, releasing the new and improved YouTube for iOS just before Apple's big iPhone 5 reveal.

While iPhone 5 users will now have to manually download the app, the search giant promised a slew of improvements over the previously Apple-developed application.

The new app is now available on the iTunes with new features including access to more videos, an improved user interface, suggested search results as well as a new YouTube channel guide.


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