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Microsoft Probably Made $1 Billion from Xbox Live

Sony just recently introduced a paid tier for the PlayStation Network, but when the company sees just how much money Microsoft has made from Xbox Live in the last fiscal year, it's likely that it will wish it introduced PSN Plus sooner.

Taking into account Microsoft's claims that half of XBL's 25 million users are yearly subscribers, Bloomberg reports that this equates to about $600 million from subscriptions alone. Bloomberg cites Dennis Durkin, Xbox COO, who said in an email that sales of movie and TV show downloads have topped subscription revenue for the first time. So, if everything besides subscription revenues amounted more than $600 million, that means Microsoft would have made at least $1.2 billion from XBL in the year just ended.

Durkin refused to elaborate or provide more details, but it's obvious Microsoft's XBL revenue for the last FY has taken a huge jump from the $800 million it was the year previously.

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