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Victim of Robbery Uses Xbox Headset to Get Help

Usually, when we hear about technology helping a victim of robbery or home invasion, it's thanks to an alarm or security system installed by the victim. That, or they used their phone to call for help. However, a Pennsylvania man recently used his game console to call for help after he had been robbed.

According to, Derick Shaffer, a 22-year-old in suburban Pittsburgh, was playing on his Xbox when his house was broken into. Shaffer was upstairs in the house and, when he heard the intruder enter the dwelling, assumed it was a family member arriving home. Once discovered by the burglar, MSN reports that the 22-year-old was bound and forced to take the robber on a tour to collect all valuable items in the house.

The burglar then left, taking Shaffer's car with him. Shaffer used his Xbox Live headset to contact a friend who in turn contacted the police. Police have not yet identified the subject (though they did find Shaffer's car). Microsoft's Larry Hyrb, also known as Major Nelson, tweeted about the incident last week, saying, "Glad everyone is safe, but wow."

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