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Don't Panic: Xbox Live is Down, But MSFT is Working On It

If you've tried to login to Xbox Live recently to no avail… don't panic, it's not just you! Xbox Live is down for a lot of people, but Microsoft is aware of the issue and working on a fix as we speak.

Currently, according to the Xbox Support, the Xbox Live service itself is down, although you can still access your account and marketplace via the Xbox Live site or your Xbox Live mobile app.

Apparently, the Zune marketplace and TMZ app are down as well. I hope no one sheds too many tears there.  

We'll update you as soon as there are any updates on the issue.

  • spookyman
    I am can I watch my netflix now
  • JamesSneed
    So live is dead?
  • igot1forya
    jamessneedSo live is dead?Not dead, just "mostly dead".

    Live is probably down because someone hacked it and now all of our credit card and private numbers are making their way to a criminal organization near you!
  • memadmax
    Well, at least people were not threatening to jump out of buildings when twitter and facebook went down.... Now that was sad....
  • Hammerxc
    Zombie Xbox Live!!!
  • mswezey
    Underground Xbox Live!
  • beardguy
    Hacked ...
  • sudz
    First of all... who bought a Zune? Second of all... Why are you buying things for your Zune?
  • rocknrollz
    As a PS3 user, I hope 360 users don't have to go through the several months of it being down.
  • pharoahhalfdead
    It's been down for me for a long time. I bought Arkham City several weeks ago but Live wont let me create an account. I can't even save my game bcuz of sorry Live. It's really irritating when companies make internet mandatory to play or save games.