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Hands-on with Leaked Builds of Windows Blue 8.1

Hands-on with the Windows Blue Leaks

With several leaked builds for Windows Blue hitting the web in rapid succession, it seems as though Microsoft is as leaky as a sieve these days. A leak for build 9364 made its way to the internet last March, and two more leaked builds (9369 & 9374) have hit the Internet in the weeks since. Considering Windows 8 is just five months old, there are still a lot of questions as to whether Windows 8.1 or 'Windows Blue' is going to be a free Service Pack, a standalone OS release, or the first in a line of subscription OS models, but we can at least take a look at how the builds themselves run.

So, what's in this leaked build of Windows Blue, and is it worth all the buzz surrounding it? We'll take a quick hands-on look at some of the features and changes we've noticed and we'll also give you a quick a roundup of some of the buzz and reporting that's hitting the web.

First Impressions

So, here's how 8.1 looks, with a Start Screen and Desktop view that don't seem radically different from what we've got in Windows 8. But the similarities hide some very interesting tweaks to the interface designed to make things easier for users, regardless of whether you're using the traditional mouse and keyboard or a newfangled touch interface.