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Walmart: Xbox 360 Arcade & Free $100 Gift Card

The flyer below details Walmart's plans to sell the $199 Arcade version of the Xbox 360 bundled with a hundred dollar gift card. It's a pretty sweet deal especially if you spend that $100 gift card on a HDD for the console. As Engadget points out, all told it works out at $234 Xbox 360 with a 120 GB HDD for first-time buyers.

The deal comes into effect this coming Saturday, November 7. Bear in mind that this is a one day only offer so if you want to nab one, be sure to get down to your local Walmart early in the morning.

Screengrabs below via Kotaku and official flier from Walmart.

  • darkknight22
    I love black friday deals, but I hate the fact you have to pretty much leave thanksgiving dinner early drive to the store and camp out for 14 hours to MAYBE get one.

    I love a deal as much as the next guy but lines have to be drawn somewhere.
  • socrates047
    sounds really cool, even though Halo 3 online is tempting i believe that to get another 360 would be kind of stupid, since my first one has the red lights and Microsoft won't fix it. Looking for the Ps3, but i doubt the price will drop on it, i have a feeling that they are just going to throw in a game or something.
  • Umm, the date shown is THIS Saturday, not Black Friday... no camping necessary. Sounds like a sweet deal.
    WOW thats an awesome DEAL!
  • megamanx00
    Wow, that's darn good.
  • techtre2003
    also posted on
  • p3matty
    Do I really need a HDD for this to play games and stream files from a networked computer?
  • extremepcs
    I wonder if the idiots will storm the store and trample a security guard to death like last year...
  • fulle
    Bummer. If it was any other company but Walmart....
  • Stardude82
    Meh.. the arcade has been $200 bucks for a while. Last year, the now defunct Circuit City has a 20GB/Controller combo for $40. I also got a 40GB PS3 2 years ago with the same deal, $399 + $100 dollar gift card which I promptly spent on GTA4 and a controler.