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Droid X Owners Consuming 5x as Much Data

Verizon is rumored to be moving away from unlimited data plans and towards a tiered system, and with more and more customers purchasing smartphones, it's easy to see why.

The advent of smartphones for the masses has meant a significant number of people who previously wouldn't have required a data plan at all, are guzzling MBs thanks to data-intensive applications on their phones. Last month, Verizon's John Killian said things were expected to get even worse for wireless networks as new phones designed for 4G networks incorporate even more data-intensive apps, like video downloads.

Well, it looks like the first of those phones has arrived. Though it's not a 4G phone (Verizon's 4G network is supposedly launching in November), Droid X users are supposedly using way more data than users of any other phone on the network. Verizon's Business Development Executive Director, Jennifer Byrne, has said Droid X users are using five times the data than any other phone on the network.

Byrne was speaking at a PaidContent Mobile conference where she was discussing the increasing data usage on mobile devices with a number of other panelists.

Source: PaidContent via AndroidSpin