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Swivl Camera Dock Will Automatically Track Your Movement

Have you ever found yourself wanting to record a silly video or take multiple photos only to realize you don't have any friends to hold the camera for you? Don't worry, the Swivl camera dock has got you covered! Swivl takes your iPhone, flip cam, or point-and-shoot camera and follows you wherever you go.

After a recording device is set on the dock, Swivl will then automatically track its marker unit through a wireless connection. Users simply have to hold or wear the marker device and the Swivl will follow. In addition to panning in a horizontal fashion, the Swivl dock can also track with a vertical tilt as well.

Originally a crowdfunding project over at Indiegogo, Swivl has succeeded in its funding campaign and will be available sometime in early 2012. The device is expected to cost approximately $160 USD and will be publicly presented at the upcoming CES 2012. For more information on Swivl, and to reserve your own, head on over to the company's page here.