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Switzerland Sues Google Over Street View

Over the last year, Google Street View has come under fire in countries all around the globe. Japan, Greece, Germany and the UK have all aired their grievances in one way or another. In September, the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner of Switzerland, Hanspeter Thür, requested Google be more stringent about blurring faces and license plates before images appeared online.

The FDPIC had several problems with Street View. The Commissioner was particularly concerned the inadequate blurring of faces and license plates in photographs taken outside sensitive locations like hospitals, schools and prisons. The Commissioner also had an issue with the height of the cameras. Similar to Google's plight in Japan, the FDPIC argued that the height of the cameras allowed people using Street View to see more than if they were just walking down the road, namely, into people's backyards or gardens.

A statement released on Friday said that Google "for the most part declined to comply with requests" and revealed that the FDPIC felt it had no choice but to pursue the matter further by taking legal action against Google.