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Video Messaging System Coming to Skype

Skype has updated its Terms of Use with information about sending video messages, confirming rumors that began back in September which claimed the company was planning to launch a video message delivery service in the near future.

According to the update, Skype's currently unannounced video message delivery system will be available to both Skype Free and Premium users. The latter group – those who already pay a monthly, quarterly or yearly fee for bonus features – will get unlimited use, able to send and receive an infinite number of video messages. Even more, the messages can be stored in the cloud indefinitely until the user manually deletes them from the account.

Customers who don't have a subscription will have limited video messaging capabilities. The Terms of Use state that non-Premium users can receive an unlimited number of video messages, but they're limited to the number of messages they can send – the actual number is unknown at this point. Furthermore, messages sent and received by non-paying Skype users will expire after 90 days except for messages received from Premium members.

For the curious, the new Video Messaging service is revealed at the very end of the Skype Terms of Use agreement, labeled as "Skype Video Messaging". The new service will be governed by Skype's Fair Use Policy (FUP) to prevent fraud and abuse of the Video Messaging system.

"Video Messaging is for personal, individual and non-commercial use only, and to be in accordance with these Terms at all times (“Legitimate Use”)," the Terms of Use state. "Skype reserves the right to take any unlawful, prohibited, abnormal or unusual activity into account in making its determination as to whether your activity does not constitute Legitimate Use. Skype may in its option, terminate its relationship with you, or suspend your account immediately if it determines you are using Video Messaging contrary to this FUP or these Terms."

Guess that means we can't leave video strip-o-grams in the boss' video in-box. Stay tuned for an official announcement sometime in the near future now that Skype's secret is out.


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