The $10,000 Virtual Window You Won't Use

The Sky Factory eScape is a virtual window that attempts to bring outdoor environments into your walled home, courtesy of a 40-inch LCD oriented portrait-wise, framed by faux window furnishings. It comes complete with shutters that actually close, and a full 1920 x 1080 HD display.

Yet is anyone really willing to pay $10,000 for this? A good 40" LCD TV shouldn't cost more than $1,500. Even at that relatively steep price, your average LCD TV is quite versatile. Kick a few beers back while watching the game, laugh or cry at your favorite shows, or even use the TV as an over-sized monitor for your computer. The possibilities are endless!

Sky Factory's setup, on the other hand, is pretty one-dimensional. The eScape only shows videos of natural scenes, presenting vistas that realistically will never be perceived from a window. A view of the waterfall is nice, but it seems a bit weird when the waterfall seems right outside your house.

And while it's possible to use an LCD TV rotated 90 degrees (you can always match the orientation in your computer's display settings), those fake window fixtures will definitely limit viewing applications.

You're better off building this yourself if you want one.

eScape Video Catalog (image from OhGizmo!)

  • Arguggi
    Well you could add a bitten apple somewhere and probably someone would buy it
  • djtronika
    this should be in every foxconn employees' room.
  • darkknight22
    I'm a bigger fan of the guy that rigged up the window to change the viewpoint based on where you are standing. This looks like a way overpriced knockoff.
  • Pyroflea
    ArguggiWell you could add a bitten apple somewhere and probably someone would buy it
    They'd sell like hotcakes, even with the outrageous price and lack of features! XD
  • TomD_1
    djtronikathis should be in every foxconn employees' room.
    They have rooms?
  • I've seen this thing in action. A rep came to our office to show us this system. There is more to it than just the TV- they provide content and the lovely window frame, don't forget.

    It was kinda of laughable at the time, too. I would not recommend this to any of my clients.
  • Xaios
    Tom's, I gotta ask. If you believe that this thing is a useless waste of money, and you also think your readership will view it as a useless waste of money...

  • wolfram23
  • atmos929
    TomD_1They have rooms?don't forget to toss "revolutionary" at the description of it...
  • HalJordan
    $10K! I just don't see how. Even if you splurge on the T.V., let's say $2K, and you hire a general contractor to mount the thing properly (hide the wires, put together the frame, etc...) and you pay him $2.5K to $3K you are still way below what these jokers are asking. I admit I think I am high-balling my quotes here for T.V. and custom install. You could very well do a lot of the work yourself and save thousands...just ridiculous.