Hands-On: Lenovo 10-Inch Win7 Tablet

While Lenovo’s hybrid U1 Android Slate/Windows 7PC got most of the attention at CES 2011, sitting next to it in the restaurant Lenovo had taken over for the show was a slim 10” slate. This was the prototype of a Windows 7 slate, and we gave it a quick spin. Like most modern tablet PCs it has a dual mode touch screen, with capacitive touch and a Wacom-style pen. It’s a good combination, and the touch screen was very responsive – working well with mouse and pointer optimized Windows user interface. The pen worked well for entering text, using Windows 7’s built-in handwriting recognition tools.

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  • razor512
    What is the price point? if it is more than a netbook then it is a waste of money.
  • elemento911
    It's been hard to find specs for this one, just took a look at http://www.tabletpccomparison.com but didn't see it. In looking at all the others on there though its got some stiff competition. Lenovo does a good job of making solid products though.
  • mattdawson
    It's good device. I saw some pricing, comparisons and best video reviews for tablets at tablet pc comparison but I haven't seen Lenovo yet.