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IFA 2008 - Toshiba Presents Tiny LED-Projectors

Toshiba hides its real highlights in display cabinets further back at its stand. The smallest LED projector (LED Pico Projector) barely weighs 100 grams while projecting at a brightness of 10 Lumen, making it a good companion for smartphones with video outputs. Depending on the projection area and the ambient light, that is sufficient for when you are on the go, making it a good companion for video capable smart phones such as Apple’s iPhone or other mobile video devices. The tiny device measures only 10 x 4.5 x 1.7 cm (L x W x H), making it about as compact as a Nokia N95 or an HTC Touch Pro.

Toshiba also showed two other models at its expo stand. The white prototype of an LED projector, which seems even smaller than its finalized sibling, is meant to achieve a brightness of 10 Lumen as well and should fit into any pocket. It even sports a keyboard on its top that should be sufficient for basic input.

Another slim-line LED projector completes the trio, although this one is a bit larger and Toshiba promises it will achieve up to 300 Lumen.