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VIDEO: Kinect to Hit November, Looks Exhausting

However, this video of Parade Magazine's A.J. Jacobs trying out Kinect with his family shows us that this new peripheral is a work out and a half. And, as you can imagine, the potential for injuries is just astronomical. Jacobs manages to smack his own son, aged 3, in the face while "windmilling his arms." They were playing an obstacle course game where you have to dart under trees and jump over logs and Zane got a little close. Zane cried and apparently the Microsoft reps looked like they might cry, too. Luckily, things got back on tract very quickly and Jacobs gave the peripheral a glowing preview. That said, we just can't stop picturing the same scenario with bigger, drunker people. I see lots of broken lamps in our collective future.

Check out the video of the demos below.

As a side note, does the lady in the video remind anyone else of Elaine's dance in Seinfeld?

[UPDATE] Microsoft has confirmed that Kinect will be launching this November. No price just yet but we imagine the well-timed launch will secure the device a place on many Christmas lists.