Turn Miserable Cubicle Life Around with Clean Air

So you've decked out your cubicle with gadgets, whacky things, and photos -- but that's still not enough to keep you from dozing off at work. What could you possibly do to add a boost of energy into a miserable cubicle existence?

One thing I came across the other day, was this nonstandard air purifier that could help clean up that stale air.  Using patented 'Clean Air Zone' technology, Humanscale claims their air purifier, Humanair, redefines air purification by removing more than 99% of airborne toxins, dust and those other nasty contaminants in the air, and creating a nice bubble of fresh clean air centralized around the user. 

With this handy lil Humanair, however, reduction of the pollutants that linger in the air around you makes work time just that much more pleasant and healthier so that you can once again find your inner mantra of peace and hopefully continual high resistance to getting sick. 

No price tag on this product yet, as this product is still another month or two out from an actual shipping date.  

Unfortunately, having an mini air purifier still may not be enough to keep that happy mood going. If you find yourself still being a recluse after inhaling purified air, no one can help you.

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  • wrxchris
    tsnorquistI actually met Stephen Root (picture) once. Heck of a nice guy.

    Until he decides to set your building on fire. lol
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  • nforce4max
    I'll take 3 or 4 of them now!!!
  • mikem_90
    Sounds like those overpriced Air purifiers from the Sharper Edge that I heard later were fire hazards. I got talked into the $60 one and it was crap. Think they were just air ionizers, something my university friends showed off back in the 80s.

    I find any claim of 99% of Airborne toxins to be suspicious unless its going through a few dozen super tiny filters.
  • NuclearShadow
    Nothing can turn the cubicle around from being miserable. Cubicles slowly consume your soul.
    Nothing more than a husk remains after sometime within the cubicle. Remember your old college buddies? Remember the wild nights you had? Now look at the ones that work in a cubicle....what do you see? A joyless and soulless human being.

    I'm looking outside my office right now peeking through the blinds.... All I can see if their cold dead eyes.... poor bastards.