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Video: Microsoft Releases Halo Legends Trailer

Just as with the Matrix and the Animatrix that followed it, the Halo universe is getting its own anime series composed of seven shorts. The entire series will eventually be released for digital downloads, DVD and Blu-ray.

Read more about the Halo Legends series at the LA Times and check out the trailer embedded below from GameTrailers.

  • greenspoon
    More Halo crap.
  • duckmanx88
    GreenSpoonMore Halo crap.
    than why comment on an article about a game you don't even like?
  • timaahhh
    Thats not a Trailer thats 8 seconds of footage with 2 mins of credits...
  • laytons
    halo is just an unoriginal story thats being pushed to its limits.
  • Honis
    duckmanx88than why comment on an article about a game you don't even like?Because negative comments help gauge what the writer should write about next. If 99% of the comments said "Less Halo more iPhone App release notices" guess what, they'll concentrate on keeping up with App store more than they will Halo.

    I'm not a fan of Halo's storyline but I was more turned off by the generic FPS gameplay. Maybe they did a good job on the storyline for this!

    Is Red Vs. Blue still alive? I stopped watching right around the Halo 2 conversion.
  • zachary k
    halo was so good, what happened?
  • Ramar
    laytonshalo is just an unoriginal story thats being pushed to its limits.
    If by "unoriginal" you mean "was an homage to Ender's Game and was one of the best stories behind an FPS" then yes. Or did you not read the wonderful Fall of Reach?

    This is definitely not the same quality as The Animatrix or the Batman anime compilation, but it may also be half worth watching given the studios involved.
  • griffed88
    What was with that flute in the music? I know its just a trailor but does anyone else think this destroys the darker badassery that, to me, the Halo universe is known for? It just seems too...kiddie?

    PS Ender's Game is the greatest Sci-fi book of all time, and it's sequels are amazing. I hope to God they never get crappy movie remakes.
  • sailfish
    Yep, I'll purchase this. I've played and enjoyed the games, read the trilogy series, purchased the audio books and look forward to this.

    Although, "8 secs footage/2 minutes credits" comment made the trailer less of a teaser than an irritant.
  • Looks very nice drawn;a bit in the likes of Titan AE!
    It could become a good story!