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GameStop Reveals Prices for Kinect, Xbox Bundles

When Microsoft launched Kinect the company talked at great lengths about all the games and services it would support. However, as the press conference drew to a close and the company moved onto the new Xbox, it became clear that Microsoft wasn't going to reveal a price for the peripheral.

Though we didn't know the price, we did know we wouldn't see Kinect in stores until November. Strange then that the folks at Gamestop would 'jump the gun' and accidentally release the pricing for the device and details of bundles; after all, we're still more than four months away from the launch.

However, has, since late yesterday, the pricing for Kinect and an Xbox/Kinect bundle listed in plain sight. The unfortunate news is that the $149 price tag that so many of you said was just a little bit too steep is real. Microsoft will throw in a free game but it's not yet clear if this'll be the same game for everyone (like Wii Sports) or if you'll get to choose. The GameStop listing also reveals you'll need 175MB of memory to play, something that may cause problems for those of you with Arcades.

Speaking of the Arcade, if you're in the market for a new Xbox and don't like the new model, you can get Kinect bundled with the Xbox Arcade for $300.

Any takers?

[UPDATE] GameStop has put a disclaimer up on the product page which says these are just 'estimates' as the publisher hasn't released the actual price yet. Dare we hope GameStop is just using rumored pricing as a placemark until actual pricing is unveiled? Then again, if that's the case, where did they get the idea for the bundle? Questions, questions.