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GT2 Brings Arcade Seating to PC, Consoles

Looking for a little something different other than the living room couch to play your favorite Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 racing games? What about that stupid, worn-out chair that numbs your butt-cheeks while you're playing Need for Speed SHIFT on the PC? It's time for that piece of junk to go, and GamePOD may have just what you need to give those games a little extra dose of adrenaline.

Called the GamePOD GT2, the company is bringing the excitement of an arcade straight to your pad. Available in red, blue, or black, the gaming seat features a "solid and robust" laser cut steel frame, and a genuine "FIA Approved" race seat. The GT2 is also compatible with the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the PC, and all the associated racing wheels.

"As well as a full range of PS3, PC or Xbox360 wheels, The GamePOD is also available with a range of accessories such as TV brackets for flat screen TV’s, storage pods for your games consoles, to keyboard shelves," the company said.

The GamePOD GT2 features a starting price of $610.98. The pricetag doubles when consumers choose to throw in full leather seating, costing $1,291.37 before tax. Don't want the seat? The frame will put you back at a mere $393.26 before tax. Naturally the wheels and pedals are extra, making it a somewhat expensive buy for a gaming seat.