100 Mbps Could Finally Be Possible on DSL Lines

Ikanos Communications revealed a new technology that allows for over 100 megabits per second (Mbps) speeds across a DSL line. Typically DSL connections only provide around 1.5 Mbps depending on the provider and local hardware. Cable can theoretically handle 30 Mbps however most broadband providers usually offer various packages up to 15 Mbps.

Called NodeScale Vectoring, Ikanos' technology analyzes the crosstalk and interference environment of copper wire pairs in real time and creates a unique set of compensation signals that effectively eliminates both. Normally the crosstalk between coincident copper wire pairs generates noise that limits the connection quality and reduces overall VDSL performance.

Ikanos said that NodeScale Vectoring can eliminate noise across an entire network node from 192 to 384 ports or more, meeting current service provider deployment requirements. "With Ikanos’ unique and patent-pending algorithms, compression and coding techniques, service providers can deliver 100 Mbps performance at the scale necessary to support their growing subscriber bases via a cost-effective commercial silicon and software solution," the company said.

The complete NodeScale Vectoring system includes compatible line cards, Vector Computation Engines and G.vector-ready customer premises equipment. Ikanos said the system can be deployed "flexibly" to increase the performance of existing VDSL nodes, as part of ADSL network upgrades and in copper plants that previously served only plain old telephone service (POTS).

NodeScale Vectoring will be demonstrated this week by ZTE Corporation at the Broadband World Forum on October 26 - 28. Ikanos will also introduce its NodeScale Vectoring solution during the tradeshow in a conference session entitled "Advancing the State of the Art - ITU-T G.vector Standard Surpasses Fiber Performance Over Copper."

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