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Microsoft Officially Unveils the Arc Touch Mouse

We've been hearing about (and seeing) Microsoft's Arc Touch Mouse for weeks now. Yesterday, the company officially announced the peripheral, naming a price and shipping date.

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The Arc Touch Mouse looks like a sleeker version of the company's Arc Mouse but there's something the Arc Touch can do that the old Arc can't. Owners of the Arc Touch Mouse can actually flatten it out for easy portability and pop it back into its curved shape when they want to use it. Now, I can't remember the last time I had to leave my mouse at home because it was just too bulky for my laptop bag but who am I to complain about added portability? The Arc Touch also boasts Microsoft's first touch scroll strip for easy navigation.

Though the rumors have lived up to our expectations, there is one disappointing thing about this and that's the shipping date. Microsoft says preorder will ship in December, while the mouse won't hit retailer shelves until January 2011. Preorders are available through Amazon and Best Buy and the mouse will set you back $69.99. Any takers?

Check out a demonstration of the Arc Mouse here on Microsoft's site.