Apple Removes YouTube App From iOS 6

The latest beta of iOS 6 came without a YouTube app, which Apple explains was removed because its licensing deal with Google over the app had ended.

Don't fret just yet. It's not the same situation as when Apple chose to abandon Google Maps with iOS 6. Apple's confirmed that Google's working on a new YouTube app for iOS 6.

Those remaining on iOS 5 will continue to be able to use the older YouTube app. It's still not clear at this point whether or not iOS 5 users will be able to upgrade to the newer YouTube app that's incoming.

So far, Apple's been tight-lipped about giving any new details for the new app. Google and YouTube aren't saying much easier. The only comment that a YouTube spokesperson offered to Engadget regarding the app was the following: ""We are working with Apple to ensure we have the best possible YouTube experience for iOS users."

New details are sure to surface closer to the fall, when iOS 6 is expected to launch.


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  • fedelm
    What, no lawsuit?
  • schnitter
    Good. I've used SBSettings on my Jailbroken iPhone 4S to hide YouTube app and put ProTube in it's place (lets you download the video or convert them to MP3 apart from streaming). No use for YouTube App when ProTube exists.
  • dalethepcman
    I never understood the use of the youtube app. Why do you need an application for something that your web browser can do better?

    That would be like having a facebook app with half the functionality of the real web site.

    oh yeah...... never mind.