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AT&T Announces Free Wi-Fi For iPhoners

During the first weekend in May, many members of the public claimed they had been able to access free AT&T Wi-Fi using their iPhones. All they needed to do was enter in their AT&T phone number and away they went, surfing the web at exactly $0 extra cost. While users appeared to be making the most of this in Barnes and Noble and Starbucks branches, from the get go it was considered to be a glitch. There had been no official announcement from AT&T and many assumed it was an accident on the part of AT&T and nothing more than a glimpse of what was to come.

Sure enough, not long after, AT&T’s website reflected that it would soon be launching free Wi-FI for iPhone users in AT&T hotspots, however on the 15th of May, this launch was delayed indefinitely.

Today the AT&T website shows a whole page dedicated to the announcement so we’re fairly sure that this time, it won’t be yanked out from under our noses. As we said before (each time the free Wi-Fi cropped up), the offer will allow iPhone customers access to 17,000 AT&T hotspots around the country including those in Starbucks Coffee stores, Barnes and Noble branches and various other locations such as over 800 restaurants as well as some universities, bookstores and supermarkets.

UPDATE: Just hours after AT&T announced the free Wi-Fi for iPhone customers, the company’s website shows a message apologising for the mistake that was the free Wi-Fi announcement. If AT&T isn’t careful this whole thing is going to turn into a boy who cried wolf scenario. Well, anyway, we’ll look forward to the free Wi-Fi, if we ever get it.

  • Man, I just spent a fair amount of time looking for the announcement on their site, and then I found out the following:

    AT&T goofs again: they have now removed the page, and a local AT&T spokesperson has said the posting was an error.