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2019 iPhone: Two Key Fetaures Just Leaked

Most of today’s flagship smartphones offer some kind of water-resistance. But what they don’t offer are screens that actually work under water.

According to the latest leak about the 2019 iPhones, Apple may be about to fix that.

Credit: EverythingApplePro

(Image credit: EverythingApplePro)

An episode of the EverythingApplePro YouTube show that published Sunday includes alleged inside info from developer and XDA writer Max Weinbach about Apple’s plan to build a “waterproof” display that will work even when it’s completely surrounded by liquid. If you’ve ever tried to tap your phone’s screen to take a picture underwater or type out an email in the shower, you might see how this feature could be useful.

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Weinbach indicated that his sources weren’t clear on whether the new tech would be coming to as soon as this year’s iPhone, which is expected in the fall, but he said the feature is in the “prototype stage” right now.

A patent from last year shows Apple has been working on a threshold-sensing touchscreen that handles “finger track in wet environments,” which sounds similar to what Weinbach is dishing on.

Another iPhone improvement also on the way, Weinbach said, is a taptic engine that can vibrate different parts of the phone. This would mean tapping an on-screen button on the top right of the app you’re interacting with would give a precise vibration response just in that top right section of the iPhone’s screen. Weinbach said this feature would “probably” arrive in time for next year’s iPhone, with the iPhone Max featuring nine different taptic engines behind the screen and the standard-size iPhone getting fewer.

Though these rumors could turn into neat features, they aren’t as cool as the three-lens camera we’ve heard Apple will build into this year’s iPhone. The triple-attack will reportedly add a wide-angle option to the standard and zoom already on the iPhone XS.

We still have half a year to keep an eye on whether a “waterproof screen,” precision taptics and more features like them could also be thrown into the iPhone 11 to attract would-be upgraders.