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TiVo's Leaked Cloud DVR Already Looks Dated

TiVo first popularized DVRs for cable boxes back in the day, and the company has been doing similar things for streaming content lately with devices like the Roamio. But imagine if you didn’t have to record over-the-air streaming content to a homebound box, but could store it in the cloud instead. A leaked product called the TiVo Mavrik can do just that — but savvy consumers will realize quickly that it’s hardly the first technology to do so.

Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny! Researched information he found on TVPredictions to unearth the Mavrik: a small streaming box from TiVo that records over-the-air (HD antenna) broadcasts and records them directly into the cloud. This means that Mavrik owners could watch their shows from any device with a TiVo app, anywhere in the world. It sounds convenient, if you’re the kind of person who watches primetime network TV, but can’t do it as soon as the shows air.

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Here’s the thing: As Zatz points out, this is not new technology by any stretch. Tablo’s line of streaming devices does almost exactly the same thing. You could rig up a Plex server with an HD Homerun box and an Amazon Cloud account and accomplish the same effect. Boxee has similar solutions, as do Simple.TV and Channel Master. While the Mavrik may cut out a step or two in the middle, recording and broadcasting OTA programs is well-worn territory at this point in the streaming game.

There’s no pricing or release date information for the Mavrik yet, although since it’s from TiVo, it will likely have a not-very-cheap subscription cost. Just bear in mind that if recording OTA content is something that interests you, there are ways you can do it, no subscription fee required — if you’re willing to take a few extra steps by yourself.

  • Goodspike
    I don't get what the advantage of recording to the Cloud is. You can already stream recorded programs from your Tivo box (Bolt or Roamio) to another device inside our outside the house. Putting the recordings in the Cloud just lessens the reliability and runs up your data to/from your ISP.