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This AR App Puts 3D-Scanned Rooms at Your Fingertips

Augmented reality isn't just for Pokemon Go. Google's Project Tango has showcased a number of uses outside of gaming, but the latest might be the most interesting. During a Google I/O demo, I had the chance to check out the Constructor Developer Tool, which lets you create a three-dimensional rendering of a room or object using a Project Tango-enabled smartphone.

Currently available at Google Play, Constructor uses the rear-mounted depth, motion and IR cameras on Tango-enabled phones to scan and render a precise 3D mesh of a room. Demoed on the forthcoming Asus ZenFone AR, I watched as a Google rep used the phone to kind of paint the room by waving his device around. I could see the mesh take shape in the form of hundreds of thousands of pixels. Unfortunately, due to all the people moving in and out of the demo space, the end result turned out to be a rather jagged rendering, but results are likely sharper outside of a busy developer conference.

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Luckily, the rep had a completed mesh of a one-story house with a lawn and what looked to be a cherry tree just in case. The render was clear enough that our rep could zoom in so we can check out the lawn. Keep in mind, the render's not sharp enough that you can see individual blades of grass, but for a smartphone processor, the finished result is pretty impressive.

While getting a 360-degree render on your smartphone is cool, Constructor has a virtual reality component in the works. It's not clear when exactly the update will launch, but when it happens, you'll be able interact with your rendered meshes in a more immersive way. (That's interesting for the ZenFone AR, which works on the Daydream VR platform in addition to being Tango-enabled.) If you're an interior designer looking to decorate a house, or new business trying to create an appealing storefront, you can try out different looks without all the heavy lifting.

Sherri L. Smith

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