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Take a VR Thrill Ride with Samsung and Six Flags

Get ready for one hell of a ride. Samsung has partnered with Six Flags theme parks to bring its virtual reality technology to six beloved attractions, creating the first VR roller coasters in North America. Rides such as Texas' Shock Wave, Lake George's Steamin' Demon and Montreal's Goliath will be equipped with Samsung Gear VR headsets for scream-inducing 360-degree fun.

Adding VR to existing roller coasters puts an immersive twist on an old experience. Imagine riding Kingda Ka, the fastest, tallest coaster in the world, in space, underwater or through a volcano. If you're looking to fulfill your secret superhero fantasy, three new Superman Virtual Reality Coasters (Krypton Coaster, The Ride and Ride of Steel), are set to launch this year.

Each of the rides start with a leisurely tour of Metropolis that quickly gets chaotic when supervillain Lex Luthor starts wreaking havoc. Riders will use heat vision to destroy Luthor's agents of destruction in grand fashion, soaring through the air as the Man of Steel while the coaster takes all of its usual loops and turns at breakneck speed.

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Most coasters have a "must be this tall to ride" restriction, and the same goes for VR. As we learned through our review of the Gear VR, there are no apps available for kids under the age of 13. As such, tall 12-year-olds might be disappointed to learn they can't take part in the VR fun.

However, I'm a little concerned for adults as well, as roller coasters are already extremely taxing on the senses. I wouldn't be surprised if there a few extra clean up crews on call for the inevitable cases of motion-sickness.

But as a self-described kidult, I'm still looking forward to taking my love of laughing hysterically as I'm whipped through twisting columns of wood and steel to the next level.

Sherri L. Smith

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