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Samsung Planning High-End VR Headset for Gamers

It was only a matter of time before Samsung got hungry for a bigger piece of the virtual reality pie.

According to CNET, the company is busy behind the scenes, developing a high-end VR headset that could potentially challenge the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The new Gear VR could soon have company on the high end. Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: The new Gear VR could soon have company on the high end. Credit: Samsung)

There are scant details about the device besides the fact that this new headset will be targeting pro-gamers, media producers and content creators. That leaves the door open for speculation about the overall design, whether it will be a tethered experience or wireless like the Gear VR.

It should be noted that Samsung's head of Research and Development for software and service, Injong Rhee, mentioned that the company wants to deliver a "full Star Trek holodeck experience."

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If that's where Samsung is aiming, it seems the company's true competitors might be Intel and Microsoft, who are busy at work on their merged reality headsets, Project Alloy and Hololens. Facebook is also working on its own standalone Project Santa Cruz prototype.

But fans of the mobile VR experience shouldn't worry, as Samsung doesn't have any plans to ditch Gear VR anytime soon. To date, the company has sold 5 million Gear VRs. And with the upcoming launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the latest version of the Gear VR (complete with snazzy new controller) with be bundled for free with pre-orders.

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