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Samsung’s Next Galaxy Phone Could Charge In 12 Minutes

According to alleged leaks posted on Chinese social network Weibo, Samsung may be really close to getting a graphene battery into a commercial phone — as early as 2019, the company claims. If true, this will be a revolution.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Samsung’s scientists claim that their new graphene battery will hold 45% more power than a similarly sized Lithium-ion battery, allowing for even thinner phones or much longer battery lives.

The coolest thing, however, is that these batteries will charge in full in just 12 minutes without affecting the battery long term life or overheating them. Samsung has already patented graphene-based battery technologies allegedly related to this development.

According to Sammobile, it’s possible that we will see this first in the Galaxy Note 10. The alleged Weibo tipsters claim that, while the batteries will be expensive at the beginning, their price will gradually go down allowing for other manufacturers to use it.

These rumorologists also claim that the batteries are much better for the environment than current Li-ion packs, losing their capacity at a much slower pace than current technology.

While there’s no doubt that these graphene batteries are coming and that Samsung’s battery division is working hard at them, a commercial release in 2019 for the Galaxy S10 or Note 10 sounds too good to be true.

Only Huawei currently uses graphene in its batteries — not to store electricity, but as an external cooling system to keep the battery’s temperature down. That way, the Mate 20X phone can run at full throttle whoever people play graphically intense games.

On the other hand, Samsung’s CEO says that the company is fully committed to make the Galaxy S10 a radical departure from its current blah flagship. If the company can get its breakthrough displays with under-screen cameras and these new graphene batteries ready for the near future, it will indeed create a radical new phone. One that will crush everyone else for sure.

Jesus Diaz

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