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Samsung Gear Circle Brings Notifications to Your Neck

Samsung's after your neck. That Korean company today announced a new wearable called the Gear Circle that's basically a set of headphones that you wear like a collar. Due out in October for an undisclosed price, the Circle also notifies you of incoming calls and alerts.

Think of it as a set of headphones you get on a long airplane flight that has a magnetic clasp to close it around your neck. From the pictures, it appears the Circle has retractable earbuds and a button on the back of one bud.

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The company hasn't released much information on the Circle, except to say that it pairs with a smartphone to receive calls, listen to music and use voice control via a Bluetooth connection. The "necklace" will also vibrate when you get calls or notifications.

With an onboard 180-mAh battery, Samsung says the Gear will last 300 hours on standby and 11 hours of continuous talking. The Circle charges via microUSB, supports Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi. Based on the product gallery, it looks like two colors will be available - white/silver and blue/black.

While the Circle is definitely a pretty product, it certainly isn't the most novel in terms of design. Rival LG also offers a similar set of headphones that rest on your collarbone called the Tone Pro ($70) that feature retractable earbuds. The Tone Pro doesn't offer vibrating alerts though.

Samsung's announcement of the Circle was quietly tucked away within a larger release about its Gear S smartwatch -- a wristband that supports 3G so it can work without being tied to a smartphone. We expected to get more details and hands-on time with the Gear S and the Circle at IFA in Berlin early September, so stay tuned for more news.

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