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Where to Listen to Rihanna's 'Sledgehammer'

Fans of both Rihanna and Star Trek may be enjoying an excellent morning, as the singer's latest single "Sledgehammer" is heavily featured in the new trailer for "Star Trek Beyond," the latest chapter of the rebooted movie franchise. Both the below trailer and the song — a thunderous ballad — came out today (June 27), and the song is available on multiple streaming services.

Unlike Rihanna's most recent album ANTI, initially a Tidal exclusive, you can stream "Sledgehammer" on Spotify (free), Tidal and Apple Music (both start at $9.99 per month). This is a welcome change of pace for fans tired of hunting down service-specific tunes, but its wider availability may be more due to the song being on a movie soundtrack than any shifts in music releases.  

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This trailer for "Star Trek Beyond" finds James T. Kirk admitting that he and his crew have been 'overwhelmed' by a force so powerful that he's filing his last report as captain. Rhianna's lyrics definitely fit this moment, as the she belts "I’m bracing for the pain, and I am letting go."

Those who prefer to purchase music can buy the song for $1.29 on iTunes today or Amazon on Wednesday (June 29). Do you think Rihanna's song works in the trailer? Comment below to let us know.