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There's Seriously an App Called Hype, But It Really is Different

Twitter is killing Vine, so the app's original creators are moving on to something new. Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov have announced Hype, a live streaming service and their next shot at greatness in the App Store.

Even if you consider it ironic, it's a terrible name for an app, but the features do go beyond want Periscope, Facebook Live and Twitch offer. Meerkat has already dropped out of the game, because it couldn't live up to the, well, you know.

Besides your usual streaming, these features include using photos, music, videos and GIFs on your phone in your broadcasts, changing the size of the image and saving videos to replay later. Hosts will have tools to let them incorporate their favorite comments into their shows.

Audiences will be able to comment and ask questions (a staple of any streaming app), vote in polls and invite friends to broadcasts. They can also tap on the screen to send "sparkles" to the hosts, which sounds a lot like Periscope's hearts.

A preview video for the app certainly looks a lot more wild and crazy than anything you'll find on Periscope or Facebook Live, but it's still an uphill climb for Hype to attract viewers from other apps. There's also the question of where Vine's creators will go, and if they'll find a new home in Hype. Some backdoor deals could attract a large following.

Hype is available now for iOS, and an Android version is "coming soon."