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New Activity Cards Make Google Search Even More Useful

Google is adding "activity cards" to its Search functions on mobile phones, because sometimes a single search just isn't enough.

Credit: Google

(Image credit: Google)

Writing in an official blog post, Andrew Moore, product manager for Google Search, explained how users often make the same searches over and over again, either looking for new information or trying to find the same web page again. Activity cards are meant to aid users with their "ongoing search journeys".

The new feature is available now is iOS and Android, both in the Google Search app (although only for U.S. English users) and in browsers. Providing you are signed into a Google account, if you search for a term that you have looked for previously, then a drop-down box instead of the  most relevant hyperlink will appear at the top of your results. This box links to past web pages you've visited and similar things you've searched for in the past.

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Tapping a link takes you to the page you'd expect, while pressing and holding them gives you a couple of other options. First, you can delete a link, removing it from the activity box and helping better tailor Google's future recommendations for you on this topic.

Otherwise, you can bookmark the link, which saves it in the Collections tab, accessible either from the dedicated button in the Search app or from the hamburger menu in the top left corner of a browser.

Google holds an unbelievable and somewhat terrifying amount of information about us, gleaned from the searches we type into it as well as from other numerous services that Google owns. It's nice of the Google Search developers to let users see a direct benefit from all this information just sitting around on a server somewhere, rather than just uncannily accurate tailored ads and YouTube recommendations.