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Google Hangouts on Air is Dead: Long Live YouTube Live

Google Hangouts on Air isn't long for this world. At least, not as a part of Google+. On September 12, Google will move the features from the live video chatting service into YouTube Live, the company's other, much more well-known livestreaming platform.

Google put up a support document on its website to explain to users how to get Hangouts on Air to work from YouTube Live. It's a six step process:

While Google is known for hacking and slashing at beloved services (RIP Google Reader), consolidating the two streaming services makes a lot of sense, especially with YouTube being the far more successful brand. It's a far better option for Hangouts on Air users than losing access to the service entirely.

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Hangouts are a remnant of the launch of Google+, and you could make a plausible argument that it was the most successful part. In 2013, President Barack Obama took questions in a Hangouts on Air program. Otherwise, though, features introduced with Google+ have been less successful.

In July 2015, Google stopped making a Google+ account a requirement for its services (this is still being rolled out) like YouTube, and Google Photos was turned into a different product completely, including its own smartphone app. Between YouTube Live coming to mobile and Hangouts on Air being folded into the service, it's clear that Google wants as many folks streaming to YouTube as possible.

Andrew E. Freedman

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