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Galaxy S10E Could Be Samsung's iPhone XR Killer

If all of the recent leaks of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 and S10+ outline smartphones that seem a little too rich for your blood, then maybe this new peek at the Galaxy S10E — known as the S10 Lite in some corners of the Samsung rumor mill — will hit your sweet spot.


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In addition to posting images of the S10 and S10+ this week, German gadget blog WinFuture also included inside info and supposed official pictures of the oft-rumored, entry-level version of the S10. For a while now, rumor sites have speculated that Samsung would release a trio of phones this spring, with a lower-cost, lower-spec model joining the S10 and S10+.

That phone’s been called the S10 Lite in previous reports, but WinFuture lists it as the Galaxy S10E. We don’t know if the E stands for Economy, but it seems like it could.

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This entry-level model features the same in-display, hole-punch selfie camera expected to come on the Galaxy S10, but the S10E’s 5.8-inch, larger-bezel screen is smaller than both the purported S10 and S10+ models, and it won’t have thebezel-less sides featured on every Galaxy flagship handsets for the last few years.

The S10E is expected to have the smallest battery (3,100 mAh) of the S10 line. It will also lack both the third rear camera lens that’s reportedly coming to the other S10 handsets and an in-display fingerprint reader. Instead, a fingerprint sensor will supposedly be built inside of the S10E’s physical power button.

The one addition the S10E looks to pick up on the other new Galaxy S models is an additional color: yellow.

The stripped-down features translate to a lower price for the S10E, with WinFuture listing a price of €749 for the phone. That’s around $858 if you do a straight currency conversion, though phone makers often adjust pricing depending on regions. A price of $750 would put the S10E in line with the debut price for last year’s Galaxy S9.

Samsung is expected to make its Galaxy S10 lineup official at a Feb. 20 event in San Francisco. The phones could launch a few weeks later in early March if Samsung follows its past roll-out schedule.