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Spotify Finally Gets Parental Controls: Here's How They Work

Spotify in dad or mom jeans
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Spotify's family plan ($14.99 per month for 6 users) just got a lot better.

Primarily, Spotify's adding parental controls, giving the main account holder access to an Explicit Content Filter setting. That way mom and/or dad can stop the kids from learning all the words they are too young to learn.

If that sounds like a feature that should have been there all along, Spotify admitted that's the case, noting in a press release that "parental controls are a long-requested feature."

This update is currently just available in Ireland, but Spotify says it "will rollout in all markets with Premium Family this fall."

The other new features include a Family Mix playlist (similar to the Premium Duo playlist that Spotify was testing for couples) that pulls songs from all accounts in your household. 

Spotify Family

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The Family Mix playlist will have shortcuts available for immediately sanitizing the song selection by removing all explicit tracks and manage whose accounts are connected. Oh, and if your family revokes your privilege to use the aux cord, you can leave the playlist too. 

The other new addition is the Family Hub, where billing and accounts can all be managed from a single page. 

We look forward to seeing how these features work when they become available in the U.S.

Henry T. Casey

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