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iPhone 11 Release Date: Here's When to Expect Apple's New Phones

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Thanks to Samsung's Aug. 7 Unpacked event, we know that we're going to see the Galaxy Note 10 this Wednesday. (Either that, or Samsung's going to have a lot of time to fill.) So with that mystery settled, some smartphone sleuths are turning their attention to the iPhone 11 and when Apple plans to reveal its next smartphone.

After all, we're a month away from the time of the year when Apple traditionally shows off its new line of iPhones. With that rumored September launch just a few weeks away, people are making their best guesses as to the iPhone 11's release date.

The latest prediction comes from Cnet, which has circled Sept. 10 on the calendar. That's not based on any insider knowledge, author Lynn La says — it's just an educated guess.

If so, it's a guess that a lot of other people are making. Peruse iPhone 11 rumor roundups, like the ones at TechRadar, Macworld UK and elsewhere, and you'll find September 10 as the likely launch date for the new trio of iPhones Apple reportedly has in the works. MacRumors has settled on that date, too, citing what it calls a reliable source.

But you don't need much more than a calendar and a knowledge of the recent history of Apple iPhone events to narrow down the dates when the iPhone 11 should appear. Dating back to 2014, Apple has launched its new iPhones between Sept. 7 and Sept. 12. The things those dates all have in common? They all fell during the second week of September. So glancing at a 2019 calendar, that means this year's iPhone event is likely to happen between Sept. 9 and Sept. 13.

Three times in the last five years, Apple has held its iPhone launch event on a Wednesday, but in each case there were mitigating circumstances as to why. In September 2015 and 2016, the event was held on a Wednesday because the Tuesday of that week followed Labor Day. Last year's event took place on Wednesday, Sept. 12, because a Tuesday launch would have coincided with the anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks. So if Apple sticks to the Tuesday of the second week of September, that means Sept. 10 should mark the iPhone 11's debut.

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We've got some other evidence as well, which first surfaced back in June when Evan Blass tweeted out a leaked Verizon marketing calendar showing a late September iPhone launch. Some people wondered if that meant a later-than-usual debut for the iPhone 11, but at the time, we speculated that Verizon's calendar could be referring to when the iPhone arrives on shelves. Since that's a week-and-a-half after Apple's press event, a late September ship date would fit in with a Sept. 10 or so launch date.

So for now, everyone seems to agree that Sept. 10 is looking more and more like the likely date. Just circle that date in pencil for now, until we hear more about Apple's iPhone 11 launch plans.

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