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OnePlus Nord CE 5G just confirmed — and we'll hear about it soon

OnePlus Nord
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OnePlus is already working on its next affordable smartphones after the 9 series met with critical praise. Named the Nord CE 5G and N200 5G, these phones will pack a lot of power and the OnePlus experience for less than the 9 series.

Speaking to TechRadar, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed the company's plans, though didn't share too many details. We know that these phones are coming, and we'll supposedly hear about the Nord CE 5G on June 10.

The "CE" of the Nord CE 5G stands for "Core Edition," similar we'd guess to Samsung's Fan Edition line. Though this phone may not be a true successor to last year's popular Nord, it nonetheless looks to continue that phone's legacy of offering flagship features for less. The Nord was the OnePlus of old shining through.

The Nord CE 5G is the product of distilling the Nord down to its core components and then adding some useful features to keep costs down. According to TechRadar's report, the Nord CE 5G will be for Europe and India, though the site doesn't know anything about price or specs.

Samsung reportedly has a Galaxy S21 FE on the way that will attempt to put the best bits of the Galaxy S21 into a more affordable phone, but we don't have a tentative release date yet. 

The Nord N200 5G, however, will be coming to the US and Canada, though TechRadar says we won't hear about it at the June event. The goal with the N200 is offer the best 5G phone at its price point, which remains a mystery at this time.  Lau told TechRadar that the N200 will have certain OnePlus features, but we don't know what those are or even what specs the phone has.

The report didn't mention a successor to the Nord N10 5G, but OnePlus is sure that the N200 will be the most affordable 5G phone on the market. Several affordable 5G phones have come in the last few months, with more on the way, so we'd argue that OnePlus has an uphill battle to win that crown.

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