Leaked iPhone 16 case video reveals new iPhone design from every angle

iPhone 16 prototypes
(Image credit: MacRumors)

There have been a number of iPhone design leaks recently, including cases that seemingly show off the look of the entire iPhone 16 lineup However this latest case leak might give us a better idea of what the iPhone 16 will look like when it launches this fall. Plus it’s a video, meaning we get to see it from all angles.

The video in question comes from Ice Universe, and while he doesn’t specify which iPhone 16 device this is, it looks like an iPhone 16 Plus. The lack of a third camera means it can’t be a Pro model, and it looks a little larger than we’d expect the iPhone 16 to be — though a lack of scale makes that a little harder to be sure about.

Other details on this case include the vertically-aligned camera module, which is rumored to have been changed to offer spatial video support on non-Pro iPhone 16s. Likewise, there’s a hole for the flash and the ring for MagSafe and wireless charging. 

The sides of the case also feature an additional button by the volume keys, likely to accommodate the Action button that’s rumored to be coming to non-Pro models this year. The right side of the case, below the power button, also features a cut-out for what should be the Capture button

Not much is known about this button right now, but it’s been rumored that the Capture button is a solid state button designed to open and control the camera app. The question is why the Capture button has a cutout, rather than a button built into the case. If I were to guess, I’d assume that the nature of the button means it doesn’t work so well though case materials — meaning you need to come into physical contact for the button to work.

As for the phone itself, it looks like we’re getting a similar straight-edged phone with rounded edges again this year. We've also heard that the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will have slimmer bezels, though you can't tell from this case. Overall, there aren’t a great many surprises here, and it’s good to know that the iPhone 16 design leaks we’ve heard so far seem to be true. 

Of course, we’ll have to wait until Apple officially announces anything at the Apple September event before we know for sure. Until then, be sure to check out our iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro hubs for all the latest news and rumors.

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