Windows 10 has a 'severe' driver issue: How to fix it now

Dell XPS 13
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Another day, another Windows 10 issue. This latest bug comes directly from a newly published Microsoft support page, which warns that some Windows 10 drivers are failing to load, and that using your machine without fixing the issue could have serious consequences. 

The support page (discovered by Windows Latest) notes that if you are getting a "driver can't load on this device" warning, it means that your Memory integrity setting is keeping the driver from activating. Microsoft also warns that ignoring this warning "could have consequences ranging from negligible to severe." No big deal.

Windows drivers allow all types of hardware and software to function properly with your computer, so a failed driver could wreak havoc on your machine.

While the details and potential severity of this driver issue are vague, you should prevent it from happening by turning off your Memory integrity setting. Fortunately, there's a fix.

How to turn off Memory integrity

1. Search for "Windows Security" in the Start menu and open it.
2. Select "Device security."
3. Select "Core isolation details."
4. Toggle "Memory integrity" off if it's not already.
5. Reboot your system to apply your new settings.

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