iPhone 13 leak reveals bad news for Samsung Galaxy S21

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While most people are only getting their hands on the  iPhone 12, the rumor mill has turned its attention to the iPhone 13. And it sounds like Apple’s going to cast a large shadow over other phones slated to come out in 2021.

It’s already assumed that next year’s iPhone is going to add a display with a 120Hz refresh rate, matching the feature that Samsung added to this year’s Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 families. But a new rumor claims that the iPhone 13 could add this faster-refreshing dynamic display while also undercutting iPhone 12 prices.

The new rumor comes from leaker Jon Prosser, speaking on a new episode of Front Page Tech, Chinese manufacturer BOE apparently continues failing to meet Apple's stringent expectations for providing displays that are up to the standard Apple requires. Prosser indicated that if BOE couldn't produce the LTPO OLED display as Apple had requested, then Samsung and LG Display would have to take over to ensure the iPhone 13's displays were up to snuff, just like what happened with the iPhone 12's OLED panels. 

Samsung and LG Display would indeed be capable of serving up the tasty 120Hz buyers have been clamoring for, though it would mean that Apple might have to pay more in manufacturing fees than it would with BOE. But Prosser suggested that this crisis could be avoided. Manufacturer BOE could reapply for another quality test in a bid to regain its position as the supplier of choice for iPhone 13. Should it meet Apple's demands and quality expectations, it's possible that the iPhone 13 could become cheaper overall, as there would be no need to rely on Samsung and LG Display at that point. 

It would certainly be a boon for buyers if BOE could produce the same LTPO OLED screens capable of 120Hz for Apple, especially if that allowed the phone make to pass any savings on to customers. It would also put pressure on Samsung, which releases its first big flagship phone of the year, the Galaxy S21, early on. In fact, Samsung is reportedly pushing up the S21’s launch to take advantage of the iPhone 12’s delayed debut. 

It’s early on in the iPhone 13 development cycle, meaning we won’t know for a while if the new iPhone will get the faster refreshing display or what impact that could have on pricing. But those are just two more things to speculate on about the iPhone 13, which is expected to come in the same four model sizes as the iPhone 12. 

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