HBO Max just canceled this sitcom reboot after a single season

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HBO Max clearly isn’t in the holiday spirit, as the streamer has just announced that its Head of the Class reboot won’t be returning for a second season. The refresh of the classic sitcom has been canceled after just a single season on the platform. 

A reimagining of the series of the same name, which originally ran for five seasons between 1986 and 1991, the 2021 version of Head of the Class introduced viewers to a whole new cast and a new high school setting. Unfortunately, it would seem that HBO Max subscribers just weren’t that interested in the series as it’s been canned after just a single 10 episode run. 

The Hollywood Reporter reports that HBO Max has halted any plans for more episodes. In a statement, the streamer said: “We will not be moving forward with a second season of Head of the Class. We were grateful to work with Bill [Lawrence], Amy [Pocha], and Seth [Cohen] to bring back such an iconic series, and we thank them and the terrific cast for their hard work and dedication.”

The reboot followed roughly the same premises as its predecessor. The show was centered on the trials and tribulations of a young teacher (Isabelle Gomez) who takes charge of an honors class at a fictional high school filled with quirky characters. Robin Givens reprised her role from the original series, but otherwise, the cast was filled with fresh faces. 

Since its launch roughly 18 months ago HBO Max has only canceled one other original series. Teenage drama Generations was canned after a single season comprised of 16 episodes. It would appear that HBO Max is taking a leaf out of Netflix’s book. 

The world’s most popular streaming service has developed a reputation for ruthlessly canceling original shows after one single if they fail to perform. This penchant for cancellations was most recently seen last month when Netflix canceled its live-action adaption of anime Cowboy Bebop after its first season launched to a very muted response. 

It’s not just HBO Max and Netflix that have been in the mood for cancellations lately. Disney Plus also recently pulled the plug on its reboot of cop-canine comedy series Turner & Hooch and cancelled the family-focused series Diary of a Future President. Overall, 2021 has been a pretty brutal year when it comes to renews with plenty of shows getting the chop across streaming platforms. 

While HBO Max won't be moving forward with the second season of Head of Class, we still rank it as our top choice among the best streaming services. If you looking for something to watch on HBO Max in the run-up to the holidays, why not try one of the best Christmas TV episodes and specials

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