Dying Light 2 has leaked before release but you shouldn’t play yet — here’s why

Dying Light 2 Stay Human screenshot
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Dying Light 2 Stay Human is set to release this Friday (February 4) on just about every platform, but it appears that some retail copies have already landed in the hands of eager players. This isn’t an especially uncommon scenario — in fact it happens with most major games — but it does mean that several major spoilers have leaked online. 

The game’s developer Techland has acknowledged via Twitter that some players are getting early access, but has implored even the most diehard Dying Light fans to wait until release day before playing. 

Techland’s request reads: “we kindly ask you to wait until Feb 4th [to play] as by that time you’ll also get access to all improvements and fixes we’ve implemented within last weeks and will introduce with the day 1 patch. That’s the way to experience Dying Light 2 the way it’s meant to be played."

On the surface, this is a pretty sensible request and one worth considering if you happen to get early access to Dying Light 2. We know this hotly anticipated sequel will be significantly bigger than its predecessor, which likely means Techland has been working to fix a tidal wave of bugs and glitches ahead of launch. Playing the game pre-day one patch is almost certain to be a less than optimal experience.

Of course, while reasonable, this request may fall on deaf ears. After all, gamers aren’t exactly known for their patience. If someone does manage to get a copy early, in all likelihood they’re going to start playing immediately — especially if it’s a title they’ve been waiting months or even years to play. 

Techland’s plea for gamers to hold off and experience Dying Light 2 “the way it’s meant to be played” has been mostly well-received on social media. But that said, it has also prompted some players to request the game’s release date be brought forward by a couple of days — a request that definitely won’t be granted. 

Considering it’s been seven years between the original Dying Light and its forthcoming sequel, just a few more days of waiting can’t hurt. In the meantime, our Dying Light 2 review is now live if you want to hear our thoughts ahead of its official release this Friday. Now is also the perfect time to get caught up on everything you need to know before playing Dying Light 2

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