Simpsons World Will Stream Every Episode Ever

Up and at them! If you love The Simpsons, from the best of the best to the worst episode ever, you'll be happier than the happiest man in Springfield to learn that a new streaming service will offer all 552 episodes for fans to consume at their leisure. Looks like everything's coming up Milhouse!

Entertainment news site HitFix was keeping its eye on Springfield when it covered an announcement from FXX (just in case there was any doubt that you are watching Fox). The Simpsons World streaming service will debut in October for computers (they've got the Internet on computers now), iOS devices, Android devices, streaming boxes, smart TVs and Xbox consoles (no PlayStation support just yet) — more than enough time to prepare for the lousy Smarch weather.

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On the off chance you don't know every bit of Simpsons ephemera by heart, you can also look up individual jokes and scenes. Even if you've already seen every episode 30 or 40 times, you can access an interactive episode guide that provides a script and trivia. As Simpsons World learns your preferences, it will also recommend content, just in case all that computer hacking was making you thirsty.

As money can be exchanged for goods and services, Simpsons World won't come free. Before you start shouting "Boo-urns," note that if you have a cable subscription, there's a good chance you're covered. As long as your cable plan covers FXX, you can access the app. If you have no cable TV (and no beer, which could make you… something something), you'll have to make due with short clips.

No TV and No Beer

Fans of The Simpsons Movie (on the big screen) are also in luck, as the film will be available on an intermittent basis. Due to licensing, Simpsons World cannot host the movie at all times, meaning you can't choo-choo-choose to watch it whenever you want.

While it's possible that you'll never get any work done again, Simpsons World will allow you to bathe in TV's warm glowing glowy glow just about anywhere, from almost any device you choose. Excellent.

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  • tom10167
    I'd rather support the people who make the things I love.
  • dstarr3
    Hooray! Now if only their twenty-year slump of making terrible episodes would end.
  • infernocy
    I'd rather support the people who make the things I love.

    Simpsons stopped being funny long time ago , they are there to make more money , i think they said one time they want to be the longest TV running show , coronation street has 8343 episodes , like beat that