Google Boasts its Chrome is 26% Faster Than Last Year's

Google has said that its JavaScript benchmark tool shows Chrome is 26 percent faster than it was in 2011.

"Stability sometimes takes higher priority, but we're still manic about improving Chrome's speed," Google Software Engineer Toon Verwaest stated.

Chrome is said to be updated every six weeks, which Verwaest compared to in the blog post to "a mechanic stopping by every six weeks to give your car a new engine."

The latest Chrome beta release, Chrome 24, was recently launched to the masses before final changes are integrated through an official Chrome update. The latest version of the browser apparently increases the speed even further, said Verwaest.

In order to measure Chrome's speed, Google designed a JavaScript benchmark test dubbed "Octane" that has been specifically created to "measure performance of real-world applications on the modern web."

Changes to Google Cloud Print and the browser's start-up time have made Chrome faster, with Google also implementing automated tests designed to detect code that may potentially slow the browser down.

"Speed is one of our core principles," Verwaest said, "so rest assured we'll continue to make Chrome faster in every way possible."


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  • RealJames
    Thanks Zak for posting an article that wont spawn boatloads of hate-comments!
  • wannabepro
    I think it's time for a rousing round of applause. He's stopped just writing about Apple news. Hopefully we can convert Zak to become an Android fan!

    *Claps enthusiastically*
  • Other Comments
  • RealJames
    Thanks Zak for posting an article that wont spawn boatloads of hate-comments!
  • iam2thecrowe
    HATE HATE HATE, i have a little hate hahaha. Seriously, i dont need a faster browser. Security is much more important. All browsers available are fast enough with modern computers. But none are secure enough. I stick with IE not because of speed, but because i dont have to install it, its already there, its updated frequently, its reasonably secure, it displays pages properly (google chrome sometimes doesn't display pages as expected). I would be happy to take a speed hit of 50% for 50% more security. Like i cant wait an extra second for a page to be displayed......
  • cats_Paw
    If google gets its browser any faster, it will be a time machine to the future. Seriously, with a good pc and internet connection, google chrome is almost instantaneus by now.