Angry Birds Coming to Consoles and TV Screens

We're big fans of Angry Birds here in the Tom's Hardware offices. We just can't get enough of the game. Still, we're not sure how we feel about this casual smartphone game making its way to our Xbox 360s and PS3s.

Rovio has confirmed that yes, the insanely popular Angry Birds is on its way to the Xbox, PlayStation and Wii. PocketGamer reports that CEO Peter Vesterbacka gave confirmation of the news at this weeks' Social Gaming Summit in London.

However, the fact that Angry Birds is coming to the three major consoles is probably the least interesting thing Vesterbacka revealed. According to PG, the Twitterverse is talking about the summit too and was yesterday tweeting info live from the scene.

David Selle cited Rovio as saying they haven't quite figured out how to make multiplayer enjoyable but it's something they're working on, while Stefano Scaglione tweeted that multiplayer Angry Birds "will be like old school worms."

If you're not the gaming type, then I wouldn't worry about feeling left out of the Angry Birds craze for long. User Pete Stott tweeted that Rovio was working on film and a TV show.

If it's Angry Birds 2 you're after, you'll be pleased to know that Rovio also dropped hints about telling the story from the pigs point of view.

Read more on PocketGamer.

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  • Spanky Deluxe
    Eugh, I hate this game. It's based too much on chance to actually be enjoyable. There's only so much skill that you can use. If they added in target tracer trails or an easy mode with an unlimited number of birds then it would be bearable. There are a tonne of far more enjoyable puzzle games on the iPhone or Android.
  • utengineer
    ^ Bitter Angry Bird Face.
  • kinggraves
    I'm highly anticipating this title on a console.
    I'm highly anticipating it selling next to nothing when they try to enter a real gaming market, just like hit flash games have done when ported to console in the past. It will prove that these silly app games can't compare to console titles.
    Angry Birds is a one hit wonder that they're already milking to death. A film, TV? What is it going to be, a sitcom?