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See the latest camera models, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and camera phones. Plus, check out great photo and video apps.


From a better profile photo to your next hot Tinder pic, a great selfie makes an important first impression. Here's how to put your best face forward.


Nikon's 1 J4 is superportable and insanely fast to focus and shoot, but it doesn't shine in low light.

Downloads for Cameras

software editor's choice
  • Camera Plus - free

    Camera Plus is a paid photo and video app that brings iPhone cameras with zoom function, cool effects and a quick share option to various social network sites.

    available for : iphone os
  • Vintage Camera - free

    Vintage Camera is a free camera application that turns photos captured on iPhone into retro inspired pictures.

    available for : iphone os
  • Retro Camera - free

    Retro Camera is a free downloadable application for Android phones which provides you with a film camera on your phone.

    available for : android
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news - AUGUST 28 0

Olympus announces its cure to the low-quality selfie with the $600 Pen E-PL7 featuring a flip down LCD for one-touch selfies.

news - AUGUST 27 0

Pentax's K-S1 is a stand-out DSLR challenges Canon and Nikon with its unique design, fast shooting rate, prism viewfinder and funky lights.

news - AUGUST 25 0

Fujifilm puts a face to a name as details are revealed about its newest digital compact, the Fujifilm X30.

news - AUGUST 18 1

Latest mirrorless camera offers most features of powerful a6000, for $100 and 2 ounces less. Drops electronic viewfinder but adds touchscreen.

news - AUGUST 14 1

The iPhone can take wonderful photos if you know how to use it. These pictures demonstrate 10 tips every photographer should know.

reviews - AUGUST 13 1

Interchangeable-lens mirrorless cameras offer the flexibility of DSLRs and close to the same quality, in a smaller, lighter package.

news - AUGUST 13 0

Skype makes it easy to call anyone online - and to look bad in a video call. Here are some simple tips for looking your best online.

reviews - AUGUST 12 0

This Olympus OM-D EM-1 Review is a premium weatherproof mirrorless camera that has nearly all the features of an advanced DSLR.

news - AUGUST 11 1

Polaroid has released its own action camera, called the Cube, a colorful, low-cost competitor to GoPro and company.

news - AUGUST 11 0

Disney's new technology will automatically edit raw footage from multiple cameras into cohesive clips.

reviews - AUGUST 8 3

Which is the best Android smartphone camera around? We put Samsung's Galaxy S5 and LG's G3 to the test to see which reigns supreme.

news - AUGUST 6 0

Ahead of its Aug. 28 release date, we go hands-on with Pentax's $500 Q-S1 compact shooter.

reviews - AUGUST 5 2

Fuji’s latest X-model, the $1300 X-T1 is fast, sealed against the elements and primed for action wherever you go.

news - AUGUST 4 0

Mainly a cosmetic upgrade over its predecessor, Ricoh's Pentax Q-S1 is yet another contender in the tiny mirrorless camera field.

news - AUGUST 1 0

Samsung's Galaxy S5 has one of the best phone cameras out there. Follow these simple tips to get the best photos with it.

news - JULY 29 0

The rumored Nokia Lumia 730, codenamed Superman, could sport a front camera that takes super selfies.

reviews - JULY 23 1

Canon's Rebel T5 DSLR is a solid camera for those looking to take a dip into semi-pro photography, but video focusing could be better.

news - JULY 23 0

Record life all around you at high quality with the rugged V.360 camera from VSN Mobil.

news - JULY 21 8

All cameras, phones and tablets capture photos larger than needed for posting or email. Here's how to size them to retain the best quality.

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